The platform is equipped with many characterization technologies at different scales.

  • Ellipsomètre
  • Profilomètre mécanique

To measure thicknesses, we have the following equipment:

  • 1 mechanical profilometer: a tip scans the surface of the sample to establish the topography of the product. The accuracy is of the order of 50nm in z.

  • 2 optical profilometers: using the principles of optical interferometry, 3D profiles of samples can be obtained with z-precision of the order of a nanometer.

  • 1 ellipsometer: an optical measuring instrument for the determination of the thickness and optical indices of thin films. This technique is suitable for measuring ultra-thin films up to 1A, single-layer or multilayer.

For liquids, you can use our rheometer that measures the viscosity of liquids.

To characterize particles, a zetasizer measures the size of particles and molecules, from nanometers to several microns using dynamic light scattering.

Electron Microscopy

  • MEB de table
  • Microscope Hitachi

To characterize, measure and/or image your samples, several scanning electron microscopes (SEM) are present. For the use of the first two microscopes, a specific request must be made to the engineers of the platform. The user will be systematically

accompanied by an engineer. The Hitachi microscope has a simpler use. From then on, the user will be made autonomous after a short training.

Training or acquisition services are also available. Do not hesitate to contact us.